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Xuzhou EACCOR Electric Co., Ltd. is committed to the field of high-precision weighing, testing, and conveyor equipment technology. It is a joint-stock technology enterprise that integrates design, manufacturing, sales, and service. Relying on the core patented technology of Eko and high-quality basic resources, we provide users with complete system solutions. The quality assurance and service system established by EACCOR Electric in accordance with the ISO9001 control standard ensures high-quality products and efficient services, and implements the business philosophy of EACCOR Electric's "persistence in creating true value for users" with the spirit of "promoting business", achieving the mission goal of ensuring worry free operation and accurate measurement of all conveyors.

After several years of innovative research and development, China EACCOR Electric, together with foreign engineers and university mentors, has successfully developed a patented technology product - high-precision fully intelligent matrix belt scale, providing users with a complete solution for high stability weighing systems. EACCOR patented high-precision belt scale adopts intelligent control matrix dynamic weighing technology, with an accuracy of ± 0.2% and a stable calibration cycle of over 6 months. It is self calibrated and maintenance free, and is designed and manufactured specifically for industrial sites with high-precision and high stability requirements such as belt conveying bulk material settlement and process management.

EACCOR's technology and equipment are widely used globally in industries such as electricity, ports, coal mines, mining, steel, cement, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, and food, with a large number of trusted users. The company's products are designed and manufactured according to C-Tick safety standards and OIML certification standards. EACCOR Company provides customers with comprehensive and complete solutions to improve production efficiency, enhance product quality, strengthen competitiveness, increase economic benefits, and has won praise from customers in different industries. The products are exported to various parts of the country and Europe, America, and Asia, with a large portion being selected by domestic and foreign engineering and major manufacturers. EACCOR regards quality as the life of the enterprise, innovation as the lifeline of the enterprise, with patented technology as the core, service as the focus, and the practical spirit of safety, professionalism, and efficiency. With the mission of "ensuring worry free operation and accurate measurement of all conveyors", we adhere to creating true value for users.




1. Enterprise Spirit
Safe, professional, and efficient

2. Philosophy
Persisting in creating value for users is our value

3. Service Tenet
a. Serving customers is the reason for EACCOR's existence, and customer needs are the driving force for EACCOR's development;
b. Good quality, good service, low operating costs, prioritize meeting customer needs, enhance customer competitiveness and profitability;
c. Enterprises should develop together with customers, improve competitiveness, and achieve benefits together.

4. Development Principles
1. Continuously manage change, innovate technology, achieve efficient procedural operations, and ensure end-to-end high-quality delivery and uninterrupted service;
2. To develop together with friends is both a competitor and a partner, creating a good Lebensraum and sharing the benefits of the value chain.

5. Corporate Mission
Ensure worry free operation and precise measurement of all conveyors, continuously innovate in industrial weighing, testing, and conveying technology, provide comprehensive solutions, and become a sustainable development enterprise.